New house system and visionary statement at Hodgson

HODGSON’S new house teams have been officially unveiled. Students and staff voted in a poll for the new system and the overall names were selected as a result:

Phoenix (red) – Head of House Mr Malone

Dragon (yellow) – Head of House Miss Naylor

Pegasus (green) – Head of House Mr Jenkinson

Griffin (blue) – Head of House Miss Bate

Hodgson had a house system, comprising of Anglos, Saxons, Danes and Normans, up until a decade ago. Deputy Principal Mr Yarwood said: “We believe the new house system will once again become an integral part of every student’s life here. The key things we hope it will create are the following: community, team spirit, competition, identity, responsibility, leadership and winners!

“Every student’s effort and participation in all aspects of school life can help their house to be successful.”

Two forms from each year group will go into one of the four new houses following the forthcoming half-term holiday. The structure of assemblies will also change as of the roll-over in June. There will be house assemblies on Mondays to Thursdays and a Year 11 assembly on Fridays.

Hodgson also has a new visionary statement – ‘Imagine Believe Achieve’. This will replace ‘Learning for the Future’, which has been the academy’s motto for the past 20 years. This new short phrase encapsulates Hodgson’s vision, beliefs and ethos.

Principal Mrs Roethling said during a series of assemblies to launch the new house system and visionary statement: “We have got a motto and a global sense of ethos, just like Hogwarts School in the Harry Potter series. Your new houses should be like families to you and you should all subscribe to the global purpose of Hodgson.  ”