Lauren fired from The Apprentice

EX-HODGSON student Lauren Riley became the 11th candidate to be fired by Alan Sugar in hit TV show The Apprentice. Lauren, who hails from Thornton, was bootedfollowing week seven’s advertising task in New York (screened on 19th November).

Lord Sugar accused solicitor Lauren, who attended Hodgson from 1997 to 2002, of ‘standing back’ in the task. He said during an interview following’s Lauren’s exit from the programme: “Lauren is clearly an intelligent person but this week her participation was poor. Her colleagues were constantly criticising her for lack of involvement, particularly in key decisions.

“I am looking for someone with drive, passion and ambition to be my business partner. I didn’t see that in Lauren so that regrettably is why I fired her.”

Lauren now lives in London, where she specialises in family law. She is also currently devising a new app for law firms to communicate with clients.

Lauren said in an interview with a local newspaper about being fired from The Apprentice:

“It’s obviously disappointing but it was a great experience.

“There’s a lot of things I did contribute that haven’t been shown. It’s difficult to watch it back. They showed a little bit (during the pitch) where I stumbled a little but I did get praise from members of the panel.

“I just want to thank the Fylde coast for their support – it was really touching to have so much support from back home.

“I live in London now but I’m still a very proud northerner.”