TV reporter to headline at Hodgson ceremony

A TELEVISION news reporter will headline at Hodgson Academy’s Presentation Evening ceremony. Channel 4 News journalist Jennifer Rigby was a student at Hodgson from 1995 till 2000. And she will return to her former school this Thursday (20th November) for Presentation Evening. As guest of honour, Miss Rigby will present GCSE certificates and other awards to former Year 11 students, who left Hodgson in the summer.

Miss Rigby, who now lives in London, is the acting digital editor of Channel 4 News, one of the UK’s biggest TV news shows. She said: “I didn’t always want to be a journalist although, when I was at Hodgson, I loved English and other language classes. I also played a lot of sport, which is surprisingly helpful for a career as a journalist because you spend a lot of time unglamorously chasing interviewees and carrying tripods.”

After Hodgson, Miss Rigby studied at Blackpool Sixth Form College and English Literature at university in Bristol. She added: “I’ve been working as a journalist now for nearly 10 years, and it has involved some amazing experiences. I lived and worked in Prague, in the Czech Republic, for a year and wrote a guidebook about the city, and I’ve met prime ministers, pop stars and real people with unbelievable stories. I also got to go behind the scenes at Blackpool Tower and the Pleasure Beach.”