Circus in town

Showzam PictureART Club students were given the opportunity to clown around in their latest project. The team produced a montage of iconic images from the world-renowned Blackpool Tower Circus. And the artwork is now on display in the Showzam Showroom, at Blackpool’s Grundy Art Gallery.

The Key Stage 3 Art Club students are Abigail Eaves, Leoni Latham, Gabrielle Howson-Tax, Niamh Wainwright, Kieran Wylie, Sadie Matthews, Amy Perkins, Abigail Welch and Jenny Bowes. Art teacher Mrs Duggan said: “The Art Club students chose to focus on Blackpool Tower Circus and created images based on the clowns and various acts that have been part of the popular attraction over the years.”

The Grundy’s Circus and Magic exhibition features the art work of more than 250 school children from 25 Fylde schools. It runs until Saturday 21st February and admission is free.

Showzam 2015! – Blackpool’s Festival of Circus and Performance – runs from 14th to 18th February. Further details at