Solar eclipse 2015

CLOUDS eclipsed what should have been a wondrous sight for Hodgson’s students and staff. All filed out to the playground to view the long-awaited partial solar eclipse at 9.31am on Friday (20th March).

But while millions of people in the UK and northern Europe witnessed the best solar eclipse in years, thick cloud prevailed over the Fylde coast. The sun appeared briefly like a crescent instead of a disc as the moon passed in front, putting much of the UK into morning twilight.

Science teacher Laura Garside explained: “The last total solar eclipse visible from the UK was in 1999. The next one will be on 12th August 2026. Due to this very rare experience, we had really hoped that our students and staff would get to see this eclipse but you can truly never predict the weather.

“The science department is committed to providing students with opportunities outside of classroom environment to develop key skills and enhance teaching and learning. It is British Science week, so the whole school has been participating in various science-related activities, which included the eclipse.”