Scrum down for new season

Article featured in the Blackpool Gazette – Wednesday 24th February 2016

HODGSON Academy welcomed Fleetwood’s Cardinal Allen High School rugby players for a Year 8/9 match to help both schools prepare for the new season.

The schools are forging stronger links with Fleetwood Rugby Union Football Club (RUFC), whose Under-14 coach Barry Anslow was in attendance. Cardinal Allen won the match by six tries to three, and both teams played some excellent rugby.

Hodgson’s star players were Jacob Grey and Oliver Haddow. Coach Anslow had to remain neutral as both teams featured a large number of his Fleetwood players. He said: “It was a strange situation having so many of my player opposing each other. It was really a case of seeing what the boys were doing and how they were playing against each other.

“It’s great Hodgson has now become a rugby union school and it’s great we have all these Fleetwood lads represented in one school game.

“The competitiveness was clear to see and bordered on being ferocious at times. The tackling was full-on, with no quarter given, but the lads played the game in the right spirit.”