Search for Poem 23

STUDENTS are being challenged to locate a poem penned and hidden by a local poet.

Gillian Beattie, author of Secret Poetry, was a guest speaker at Hodgson Academy on World Book Day (Thursday 3rd March).

She has since written about her visit – entitled Poem 23 – and placed this in a secret location near to the school. Students can use the following GPS coordinates – 26ft 53.8642˚ N, 2.9892 ˚ W – to find Gillian’s secret poem.

Anyone who does should return it to Mrs Banks.

Various literacy events were staged at Hodgson to mark World Book Day, including a visit by performance poet Mike Garry, a fantasy book quiz and best book villain vote by students and staff.

One thought on “Search for Poem 23

  1. Subject Hidden Poem by Gillian Beattie …….We gave this our best shot.. went to the location rummaged around and found scratched by brambles too.. We are hardened geocachers so miffed at failing here..Any help in finding it would be much appreciated…We wee parked in the layby but the cords suggested it may be the other side of the hedge which appeared to be private property yet a nearby bush had some rather suggestive twigs resting in the ‘V’ as though they had hidden something…Cheers..we are up for trying again (poem 23)

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