Buildings News

As many of you will have been aware we have had building contractors on site for much of this academic year.

Building works are now almost complete and we are all really pleased at the outcomes.

Our Express Diner at the front of school has been extended. As well as giving us approximately 50% more space within the room itself it has also given us a fresh and modern new outlook to the frontage of the school. New furniture is being sourced which will further enhance this facility and its usage.

All of our changing rooms are now housed in one brand new facility between the gym and the Sports Hall. The old ‘upper’ changing rooms have been converted into two brand new multi-purpose teaching rooms as well as increased office space. This has enabled us to begin the process of housing all of our student support teams within the same central ‘hub’ of the school and allowing us to convert our existing Learning Support rooms into two brand new mathematics rooms over the summer.

We are also seeing the fruits of the works undertaken on our school field during the last twelve months. The new drainage is working extremely well and the field has been fully utilised by PE for the first time in many years. Indeed our groundsman who has worked at the school during various periods over the last forty years has commented that the field has never been in such good condition.

These projects have represented significant investment in our school facilities but hopefully all of our students will benefit from them in the years to come.