Hodgson Students Grow Cosmic Seeds

Back in September 2015 Hodgson Academy embarked on an ‘out of this world’ educational project. Along with half a million students from around the UK we are carrying out an investigation which may help the UK and European space agencies to determine whether life is sustainable on other planets through the production of our own food.

On 2nd September, 2015 two kilograms of rocket seeds travelled off our planet and landed on the International Space Station which orbits the Earth. They travelled up in a Soyuz 44S rocket and were stored in microgravity by British astronaut Tim Peake before returning to earth in spring of this year. On Monday 18th April the seeds landed at Hodgson Academy and the fun began!

Students have taken on the role of space biologists and prepared identical growing trays for the seeds to help ensure a fair test. They have sown the seeds and taken care of them. We then waited to see how being away from the Earth’s protective atmosphere has affected the seeds. We had no idea whether they would even germinate. The best part of science is asking the ‘what if’ questions and our group of space biologists are investigating one of the biggest current ‘what if’ questions of all…….. What if we lived on Mars?

The results are in….. Most of the seeds germinated and we recorded our data just as good scientists should. We sent our results away to be collated with other schools from around the UK and we will be able to see the results of the experiment in September.

We finally found out which seeds were the space seeds…. The BLUE seeds!

Our thanks go to Mrs Manderson (Teacher of Science) for organising this exciting project.