There will be changes to the 648 Bus Service after the Easter holidays. The changes will commence on 9th April, 2018.

The Local Authority have advised us the 648 Bus service is being amalgamated with another service that goes to Baines School.

1 There will only be one 648 service after school.
2 This Bus will start at Baines and thus will only arrive at Hodgson at 3.00 pm
3 There is a new timetable for both mornings and afternoons – This is attached

It will be very important to be aware of any changes to timings in the morning so that nobody misses the bus into school.

If your child uses the 648 please make sure that they are aware of any changes. Leaflets will be handed to all of the students who are using this service before we break up for the forthcoming holiday period.

School Bus Timetable for service 648 effective from 9 April