Rotary Club Design Technology Competition 2018

Hodgson entered two teams at the Intermediate level.

Team 1 came 6th overall (Mason Frudd, Nathan Addelston, Erin Daniels and Charlie Wood). However, Team 2 (Maddie Osborne, Olivia Clark, Olivia Turton and Jake Jackson) came in first place. A fantastic result!

The challenge was to design and build a ‘space rocket launcher’ out of everyday items (elastic bands, screws, paper cups, etc.) and a limited amount of timber. They had to produce a portfolio with their design ideas as well as building and testing their prototype.

They had to create a launcher that would propel their ‘capsule’ (aka a ping pong ball) as high and as vertically as possible, with a parachute attached that would bring it safely back to earth.

Congratulations to both teams and in particular Team 2 on their success.

Mr A Smith
Assistant Lead Teacher of Technology and Art