German Exchange Visit

Last half term seventeen Hodgson students excitedly met their German exchange partners at Poulton train station. After having visited their partners in the north of Germany, it was the Hodgson students turn to welcome their German guests to the British culture and British way of life.

Our students helped their partners quickly adapt to British life, showing them a typical Open Evening at Hodgson, as well as introducing them to the vibrant Blackpool lights. Our german partners enjoyed a welcome speech from the school’s Headteacher and a large brunch, which was kindly provided by the Hodgson students’ parents.

Our partners were able to shadow Hodgson students and participate in the English school life as they spent over three full days at school. They could not believe how late English school started, as in Germany, their school starts at 7.40 am. Another significant difference was that they have no bells before and after lessons. Furthermore, German pupils found the lessons very interactive compared to Germany, as they mainly use textbooks.

Our students helped their partners familiarise themselves with the local town as they participated in a treasure hunt. Additionally, they visited the Science and Industry Museum, as well as having the opportunity to visit the largest football stadium in the United Kingdom, the home of Manchester United.

The first exchange was an enormous success and an unforgettable opportunity. The students were able to share their memorable experience with other pupils, inspiring other Hodgson students to participate in the exchange. The teachers and the new Year 10 students eagerly wait for the next exchange to take place in June 2020.