Hodgson Academy Address

Moorland Road, Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire, FY6 7EU
Reception Telephone Number: 01253 882815
Fax: 01253 899971
Email: admin@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk

Department Telephone Numbers:

Absence Line: 01253 895812
PTFA Uniform Shop: 01253 881175
Mr C French, Premises Site Manager: 01253 881170

Contact details for key members of staff:

Mr I Siddall, Headteacher: i.siddall@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Mr P Marsden, Deputy Headteacher: p.marsden@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Mr M Pickles, Finance Director: m.pickles@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Miss S Hetherington, Senior Assistant Headteacher, Culture and Ethos : s.hetherington@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Miss J Aionesei, Senior Assistant Headteacher, Achievement and Standards: i.aionesei@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Mr C Malone, Senior Assistant Headteacher, Curriculum Development: c.malone@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Mrs S Khan, Assistant Headteacher, Student Conduct: s.khan@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Mrs J Bristow, , Assistant Headteacher, Teaching School: j.bristow@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Mr A Day, Assistant Headteacher, Student Conduct: a.day@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Miss F Bate, Assistant Headteacher, SENCO / Safeguarding: f.bate@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Mr S Stott, Director of Mathematics:s.stott@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk

Miss J Barton, Head of Mathematics:j.barton@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Miss R Buckley, Director of English: r.buckley@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk

Mrs N Atherton, Head of English: n.atherton@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Miss J Morton, Director of Science: j.morton@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk

Miss H Turner, Head of Science: h.turner@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Mrs R Bates: Head of MFL: r.bates@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Mr A Smith, Head of Business, Technology and the Arts:a.smith@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Mrs K Reece , Head of Humanities: k.reece@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Mrs A King, Head of RE:a.king@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Mr P Mitchell, Head of Music: p.mitchell@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Miss L Garside, Head of Primary Transition: l.garside@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Mrs J Duggan, Head of Student Leadership: j.duggan@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Mr C McCann, Head of PE and Applied Learning: c.mccann@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Mrs L Foley, Head of PSHE and Careers Education: l.foley@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Mr L Jenkinson, Head of Pegasus House: l.jenkinson@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Miss C Boyle, Head of Phoenix House: c.boyle@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Mr R Farmer, Head of Dragon House: r.farmer@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk
Mrs J Wade, Head of Griffin House: j.wade@hodgson.lancs.sch.uk