Hodgson was awarded an ‘outstanding’ Ofsted during its last inspection in September 2008. The academy received a clean sweep of top results within this glowing report. Lead Inspector Ann Wallis praised every aspect of the academy from behaviour and attendance to staff morale and exam result success. She identified the following key points about Hodgson in her Ofsted report:

  • Yours is an outstanding school.
  • Your achievement is outstanding and you reach high standards.
  • The leadership and management of your school are excellent.
  • Teaching and learning and the curriculum you study are outstanding.
  • Your school gives outstanding care, guidance and support and provides excellent personal development.
  • Your attendance is excellent and your behaviour outstanding.

The full Ofsted Report can be viewed by clicking the link below. Here is a short extract taken from the category ‘Overall Effectiveness of the School’:

“Hodgson School is an outstanding school which gives excellent value for money. The excellent leadership of the Headteacher and his senior team have created a culture of achievement in which students and staff feel valued and supported whilst being challenged to achieve their best. Morale is high. Parents and students are overwhelmingly supportive of the school, and readily acknowledge the excellent education it provides. Governance is outstanding. Governors are extremely knowledgeable about the school and whilst being very supportive are constantly challenging the school to improve further. Students’ achievement is outstanding and standards are high. Consequently, students reach high standards by the time they leave Hodgson School with over a third achieving three or more of the highest GCSE A* – A grades.”

Ofsted 2010–11


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