Lancashire County Council manages admissions to Hodgson Academy

Full details are provided on the Lancashire County Council webpage ‘apply for a secondary school‘ and details about the admission criteria and process are available in the Secondary school admissions in North Lancashire (PDF)

The Academy received the following applications for the 225 places available for new Year 7 admissions in September 2020:

  • 1st preference – 263
  • 2nd preference – 337
  • 3rd preference – 222
  • Total preferences received – 822

Those considering applying for a place at Hodgson are welcome to visit the Academy. Please contact us to arrange a convenient time to call in and see us.

Additional Information

Student admissions at any time other than September and for students in Years 8 – 11 are dealt with directly by the academy. Further information is obtainable from Mrs J Hardy, the Principal’s PA. The same over-subscription criteria, as outlined in our Admissions Policy, continues to apply.

Admissions arrangements for September 2021

SCHOOL ADMISSION ARRANGEMENTS – for September 2021 (and academic year 2021/22) – [PDF]

Admissions arrangements for September 2020

SCHOOL ADMISSION ARRANGEMENTS – for September 2020 (and academic year 2020/21) – [PDF]


Lancashire County Council acts on behalf of the academy in respect of admissions and appeals. If your child has not been granted a place at Hodgson Academy and you wish to appeal then there will be a formal process to follow. When you are advised of the decision, you should be advised of the contact details in relation to appeals – if not then please get in touch with us and we will forward the necessary details to you.

If an appeal is unsuccessful, there are certain circumstances when the Education Funding Agency will listen to complaints with regards to admission appeal panels. Download the relevant fact-sheet (PDF, 143KB)