On occasions where severe weather occurs or something happens of a critical nature it may become necessary to close the school.

This action will only be taken when it is felt that we have no alternative but to do so.

We recognise the impact that this can have for child care so if such a decision has been taken it has only after very careful and serious consideration has been given to the circumstances and the options facing us. The welfare of the students, and indeed all users of the school premses, will always be a priority.

The timing of a decision to close the school can be dependent upon circumstances. Unfortunately decisions sometimes have to be taken with very little time for any notice to be given. We will contact parents / carers through a variety of media. If we cannot give notice by way of formal letter / e mail we will utilise e mail, twitter and our website to post messages. We will utilise local radio to provide messages and also, if necessary, the local press. We will also set up an answer message on our phone system so that the most up to date position can be relayed.

We will always endeavour to get the school re-opened as quickly as possible.

Hopefully such instances will be rare but in the event of it happening please be mindful of the above means of comunication.

I Siddall