All students and staff participate in weekly Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) sessions.

As part of Hodgson’s Reading School initiative, a 20-minute DEAR session is run every week. Students must, when the bell sounds, stop in lessons and read a non-fiction article provided by the DEAR team to be read as a group. Students will also be given an opportunity to read for pleasure during their extended form period on a Monday morning.

Set of DEAR articles please click to open and view

Park Run

DEAR Article: Park Run – [PDF]

BBC Salaries Pay Gap

DEAR Article: BBC Salaries Pay Gap – [PDF]

France on Heatwave Alert

DEAR Article: France on Heatwave Alert – [PDF]

County Lines

DEAR Article: County Lines – [PDF]

Childhood Obesity

DEAR Article: Childhood Obesity – [PDF]

Love Island

DEAR Article: Love Island – [PDF]

Cannibalism at Sea

DEAR Article: Cannibalism at Sea – [PDF]

Celebrity cloning

DEAR Article: Celebrity clone theories mad enough to break the internet – [PDF]

England’s Most Haunted House

DEAR Article: England’s Most Haunted House – [PDF]

Air Pollution

DEAR Article: Air Pollution – [PDF]

Racism in Football

DEAR Article: Racism in Football – [PDF]

Regional Dialects

DEAR Article: Regional Dialects – [PDF]

Running and Mental Health

DEAR Article: Running and Mental Health – [PDF]

Rosalind Franklin KS3

DEAR Article: Rosalind Franklin KS3 – [PDF]

Self Driving Cars KS4

DEAR Article: Self Driving Cars KS4 – [PDF]

Midnight in Chernobyl

DEAR Article: Midnight in Chernobyl – [PDF]

Brexit Britain will be ‘Lost in Space’ KS4

DEAR Article: Brexit Britain will be ‘Lost in Space’ KS4 – [PDF]


DEAR Article – Fairtrade [PDF]