Students are being encouraged to develop a life-long love of reading, thanks to a new academy-wide drive. Hodgson is a Reading School, where conversations about reading for learning are commonplace and all students are provided with reading opportunities in all lessons.

As well as this, we are encouraging personal reading for enjoyment which takes place in form time at least once a week. Students are also expected to read aloud in many classes to develop speaking and comprehension skills.

With this in mind, we insist that all students have their own personal reading book with them in their bags and to be reading for enjoyment on a regular basis, both at the academy and at home.

We also welcome e-books that are downloaded to read on electronic devices. Among the various initiatives on-going, that are aimed at improving literacy levels across the board, are:

  • Reading ambassadors recruited
  • Form groups allocating weekly personal reading sessions, with book discussions
  • Students encouraged to read at least three books annually
  • Reading awards given out in assemblies
  • Local authors’ day, with workshops, in school
  • Increased use by students of the library in the academy’s Learning Resource Centre

Research has proved without any doubt that “every hour spent reading is an hour spent learning to write” and conversely every hour spent avoiding reading causes the word-poor to get poorer. And this is only going to get worse.

As the EU High Level Report on Literacy points out, “the digital world is centered around the written word”. Those who struggle to read and write are at a catastrophic disadvantage.

Hodgson has an extensive range of books and publications available in the academy’s library which students and staff can borrow.