Each student is placed in a form group in Year 7 and remains in this for the duration of their time at Hodgson. This is just one way in which firm friendships are fostered. A progress tutor oversees each form, to support the academic and personal development of every student.

All students also belong to one of the academy’s four house teams – Phoenix, Dragon, Pegasus and Griffin. The house system, which is an integral part of every student’s life here, helps to create team spirit, competition, responsibility and leadership skills..

Pastoral Care

Hodgson’s Heads’ of House and pastoral care team provide an extra layer of support alongside our teaching staff. There is an excellent standard of holistic care for those students that need this, which can be linked to other key external support agencies.

Our House Pastoral Support Officers work alongside our Heads’ of House to ensure that the students in their House receive the care, support, advice and guidance that they need.

Our Pastoral Support Officers.

We are pleased to announce our House captains for 2018/19

Pegasus House Captains – Daniel Lees and Phoebe Hoey

Phoenix House Captains – Thomas Lambert and Natalia Hajdacka

Dragon House Captains – Nathan Addelston and Daisy Postles

Griffin House Captains – Khushi Krishna and Izzy Duffy

Our Sports captains for 2018/19







Year 8

Beth Strutton

Noah Jebson

Jacob Soothill 

Amelia Parker


Luca Morelli

Maddy Rawcliff

Bella Hill 

Jack Crossley


Year 9

Izzie Maude

Josh Feeney

Emma Cocker

Conor Taffe


Archie Addison

Carys Outram

Emily Rigby

Melisaa Ebert 


Year 10

Maddy Malloy

Emily Brook

Joselyn Carter

Pharyn Ashton


Abbie Cocker 

Jennifer Yau

Amelia Shorrock

Emily Webster


Year 11

Aimee Reid

Ben Marsh

Libby Buck

Jo Booth


Nekkisha Wilson

Eve Woolerson

Matt Davitt


Caitlin Rigby