Students learn effectively and make progress in an atmosphere which supports and encourages. Students are rewarded for high levels of effort and achievement in their work as they move through the academy. Celebration ceremonies are held at the end of each academic year, during which students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are recognised for their achievements in academic and extra-curricular pursuits.

Students are awarded PAUSE + POINTS, which focus on five aspects of academy life:

P – Participation (in academy life i.e. prefect duties or involvement in sports)
A – Attitude and Application (good attitude towards work, effort, making presentations etc.)
U – United & Understanding (peer mentors, peer support, understanding of the needs of others, involvement in community etc.)
S – Supportive Behaviour (wearing uniform correctly, generally behaving well, punctuality, meeting attendance targets)
E – Excellence (rewarded for progress and achievement in work, meeting targets, Principal’s commendations etc.)

PAUSE+ Points are awarded and recorded by members of staff on SIMS (School’s Information Management System) under ‘achievement’ for all students in both Key Stages. Any achievement entered will usually result in one point being added. All students and parents/carers can access their own achievement log online via The Learning Gateway. Certificates are awarded when students reach a set level of Pause+ Points and these are also recognised in Year Group assemblies.

Subject departments award certificates for work of the month to students. The Principal also awards commendations for exceptional work.

Students who achieve a record of 100% ATTENDANCE at the academy during a term receive a certificate and other rewards such as Pause + Points. Meeting attendance targets will also be rewarded for students below 100% attendance.

Ultimately, with continuous hard work and achievement, students are rewarded with the qualifications, personal qualities and experiences which enable them to take charge of their own destiny. The pride we all share as members of the Hodgson family is abundantly evident at our Year 11 Presentation Evening and our Leavers’ Prom.