Students are able to become involved in the academy’s very active Student Council. Two students from each form group are elected to act as representatives on the Student Council, which meets each half term to discuss all aspects of academy life.

Students become actively involved in whole-school fundraising and, as a result, significant sums of money have been raised for local and national charities in recent years.

At Hodgson Academy students have the opportunity to get involved in numerous leadership roles; from year 7 onwards students can take part in the very active Student Voice and discuss all aspects of academy life as well as raise money for local and international charities.

House and Sports Captain roles are available for students in all years to provide opportunities to demonstrate responsibility and organisation skills.

Students can also become Peer Mentors in year 8, Reading Mentors in years 8 and 9, Deputy Prefects in year 10 and Prefects or Senior Prefects in year 11. Staff then vote for the prestigious Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl post.

By offering leadership roles and responsibilities to Hodgson students we are embedding the Academy ethos of CARE as well as the Academy Aims of enabling students to grow into confident, resilient and respectful young people.