Academy Bus Timetables & Travel Information

The up to date details of all of the school buses that come to Hodgson (operated through Lancashire County Council) can be found via the following link below.

School bus timetables

Click on School Bus Services and then scroll down to find Hodgson (School Number 4010 – this number can be found in the top right hand corner of each page underneath the heading)

School Bus Timetable for Service 541 (Effective from September 2020)

Timetable for the 541 School Bus Service (Effective from September 2020) – [PDF]

School Bus Timetable for Service 594 (Effective from September 2020)

Timetable for the 594 School Bus Service (Effective from September 2020) – [PDF]

School Bus Timetable for Service 607 (Effective from June 2020)

Timetable for the 607 School Bus Service (Effective from June 2020) – [PDF]

School Bus Timetable for Service 648 (Effective from April 2020)

Timetable for the 648 School Bus Service (Effective from April 2020) – [PDF]

School Bus Timetable for Service 660 (Effective from September 2020)

Timetable for the 660 School Bus Service (Effective from September 2020) – [PDF]

There are laybys, built to adjoin one of the academy’s fields, to provide off-road bus and coach parking for the pick-up and drop-off of students. Students then enter the school along two paths on the academy grounds rather than walking along Moorland Road, which can be congested at peak times.

Travel Expenses

Some students are entitled to Travelling Expenses, which are awarded by Lancashire County Council subject to certain conditions. To view these to find out if your child is entitled, log on to or contact the Lancashire School Traveline on 0300 123 6738.

Train Timetables

Students living in Blackpool have the option of commuting on trains from Blackpool North, South or Layton into Poulton-le-Fylde Railway Station. Up-to-date times and fares can be found by viewing National Rail Enquiries at:

Use of Motor Cycles and Bicycles

Students may cycle to the academy. Moorland Road and the adjoining major roads are busy and, therefore, potentially dangerous. It is strongly recommended, therefore, that all students who cycle wear the appropriate safety equipment, which should include a helmet.

Parents are asked to ensure that their child is a competent cyclist. Please also check the road worthiness of the bicycle before allowing your son or daughter to cycle to the academy.

There is a bike storage area on the academy premises. Responsibility for the safety of the bicycles or accessories cannot be accepted by the academy.It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their cycle is ‘locked’.

When students enter the school premises they should immediately dismount and walk their cycle to the designated location. They should park their cycle in the designated location.

Failure to abide by the above instructions will leave the school no alternative but to refuse to allow the student to bring the motor cycle or bicycle onto school premises.

On the understanding that all age and statutory requirements are met, students in Year 11 are permitted to come to School on a motor cycle. Whilst on school property students must abide by all rules relating to speed limits and drive carefully and responsibly. They must park the motor cycle in the agreed ‘designated’ location.

The school accepts no responsibility for motor cycles and bicycles which are damaged or stolen. All motor cycles and bicycles are left at the owners own risk.

We would also ask students and parents to note that cycling is not allowed by law on the alleyway that leads from the academy grounds to Station Road.


Hodgson is situated on a dangerous bend and double yellow ‘no waiting’ lines run the full length of the front of the academy.

We ask all motorists, therefore, to please not set down or pick up children near to the academy gates. This area is monitored by Parking Attendants who will issue appropriate penalty notices where it is necessary to do so.

The school gates are closed between 8.15 and 8.45 am and from 2.45 – 3.15 pm to prevent access to the front of school and help to ensure the safety of all students and other pedestrians at these busy times.

We would also ask that motorists show appropriate consideration towards local residents when parking/waiting in their vehicle.

Parents/carers are also requested not to drive onto the academy premises to drop off or pick up students, unless permission has been granted when exceptional circumstances arise. The crescent is used as a pedestrian area at the start and end of the academy day and unnecessary traffic naturally increases the risk of accidents occurring.

We recognise that there is insufficient parking/waiting space and that this can be frustrating at times. However, our primary concern is that all users of Moorland Road are aware of its dangers and act safely and sensibly to minimise any risks.