Extract from letter to parents July 2019


We have spoken to students regarding standards in assemblies this week, in particular addressing uniform as we see that as particularly important. Therefore, please note the following points in respect of uniform from August which are largely a restating of our current uniform policy:

White socks of any description are not allowed to be worn by either girls or boys. Girls must wear either blue or black socks below the knee or tights. Ankle/trainer socks are not permitted. Boys must wear either black or blue socks. White ankle/trainer socks are already not permitted under the current policy and so this change only affects the very small number of girls that currently wear long white socks.

A small stud earring only is allowed in each ear lobe. No other jewellery is allowed other than a watch.

Students arriving to school in inappropriate footwear will be required to wear a pair of shoes provided by the academy. This is non‐negotiable.
A medical note will be required to support any student wearing non‐standard footwear.

Hair should be of similar length with no shaving shorter than a ‘number 2’ together with no unnatural colours or multiple colours.

We recognise that our previously stated position of ‘no make‐up’ was often contrary to the realistic position in school and was largely not enforceable. Therefore we have changed the policy to allow a small amount of make‐up subtly worn.

Miss Hetherington will be the judge as to whether make‐up meets this threshold to ensure a consistent approach in this regard.

It must also be understood that the following will not be considered acceptable under any circumstances:

  • False tans
  • Eyeshadow or eyeliner
  • False eyelashes
  • Lipstick
  • Nail varnish or acrylic nails

    We recognise that, in the case of uniform breaches, it is neither practical nor desirable to have students isolated for a number of days until the issue is rectified. Therefore the response to a uniform breach is either to have it immediately corrected or students may be sanctioned by being given repeated break and/or lunchtime detentions until the problem is rectified.

    For more serious breaches we retain the option of isolation until the problem is rectified.

    Hoodies, tracksuit tops and jumpers (other than the academy jumper) are not allowed in the building and will be confiscated on sight by a member of staff.

    Any item confiscated will only be returned to parents through collection at the front office. Items will not be returned to students because a parent telephones and requests this.

    Over the past few years, we have grown tolerant to the wearing of trainer‐shoe hybrids in school, such as ‘Stan Smith’ style footwear.
    This tolerance will extend over the next academic year in fairness to families who have already purchased such footwear on the fair understanding that it is allowed.

    However, from August 2020 such footwear will not be allowed and therefore we request that your next footwear purchase for your child should be formal school shoes. Additionally, girls have been spoken to in assembly this week regarding how the academy uniform is worn, in particular the length of the school skirt. We ask that you reinforce with your child that the skirt must be worn at a length that is appropriate for school; the uniform policy currently states “skirts must be worn at an appropriate length, at or just above the knee and must not be rolled over at the waistband”.

    We will keep this situation under review over the next year and may consider altering the uniform policy to require all students to wear trousers from August 2020 should an improvement not be seen.

  • Uniform and Appearance Policy

    Hodgson Academy’s Uniform and Appearances Policy – June 2020 [PDF]

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