Welcome to all future Hodgson Academy students

If you have received confirmation of your place at Hodgson Academy for 2020-2021, I hope you are excited about joining us!

If you are a Year 6 student who is starting with us in September, or Year 5 student looking to access some secondary school work, you can access the work on this page to download and complete at home.

Half term 5 Transition Work

Half term 6 Transition Work

If you have visited this page to complete the new student parental survey,

please follow the link:

In normal circumstances, when chosen to attend Hodgson Academy, you would be invited into school for a Treasure Hunt evening in your last summer term of Primary School.

This is where you would navigate your way around the building with all other future students and Year 7 helpers to complete different activities. Of course, due to these unprecedented times, this event has had to be cancelled.

Therefore we wanted to give you another way to still learn about our academy, without entering the building!

We have designed a Quiz for you to complete based on information you may find on our website or speaking to current Hodgson students you may know.

You may want to have a good hunt through our website to learn as much as you can about Hodgson and then complete the Quiz using the link:

When you have completed the Quiz, please download the certificate below and record your mark out of 20.

When you start with us at Hodgson Academy, you can print this out and show us, or email this certificate to your future form tutor who will reward you with 10 House points to get you started on your Hodgson Journey.

Good Luck!

We will hopefully see you very soon!

Mrs Garside

Head of Primary Transition