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The academy aims to meet the needs of students with special education needs, using the SEN Code of Practice as a basis for organising our SEN provision. All students at Hodgson have access to the full National Curriculum, though some students may need a modified curriculum. This may involve additional help within lessons or withdrawal for help on an individual or small group basis.

A personalised student passport is devised to meet the needs of the SEND students and advice may be sought from appropriate external agencies such as the Educational Psychology Service or medical professionals. The academy’s Special Educational Needs Policy, sets out the philosophy and organisation of support for students who have SEND.

We have a fantastic team of teaching assistants who provide in class support and personalised group or one to one interventions to ensure our SEND students reach their full potential. The academy has a rich experience of meeting a range of diverse needs of all our students. 

SEND Admissions

As required by law, all children with an Educational, Health Care Plan (EHCP) naming a school will be admitted before the application of the over-subscription criteria. Children who have an EHCP will have their applications considered separately. 

Hodgson Academy will ensure that it meets its duties under the Schools Admissions Code of Practice by:

  • Students with special educational needs will be admitted to Hodgson Academy in line with the admissions’ policies of the Local authority. Hodgson Academy is aware of the statutory requirements of the SEN and Disability Act and will meet the Act’s requirements. 
  • If Hodgson Academy is alerted to the fact that a student may have a difficulty in learning, it will make its best endeavours to collect all relevant information and make reasonable adjustments as appropriate. 

Secondary School Admissions in Lancashire 2020/21

Steps taken to prevent pupils with SEND from being treated less favourably than other pupils can be found detailed within the SEND Information Report. 

At Hodgson Academy, parents and carers are encouraged to speak with the Form Tutor about any concerns they may have. They will be able to discuss additional support children are receiving. If you wish to discuss your child’s needs further please contact the SENCO or Learning Support Manger who will be able to talk about how the Academy can support children with SEND.

The School’s complaints policy is on our school website in the section on policies and procedures. This includes complaints around SEND. The policy can also be obtained through request of a paper copy from the school office. Please follow this policy if you would like to make a formal complaint. In the first instance though discussions would be encouraged with the relevant staff to try and resolve any issues that have arisen. 

SENCO - Mrs L Foley 01253 88285

Local Authority Local Offer -

School Contact Information

RoleContact Information
Mrs L Foley

Assistant Headteacher (PSHE and SEND)
Telephone 01253 882815
Mrs L Beaumont Assistant SENDCO
Telephone 01253 882815