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Hodgson's first two time, back-to-back Champion - Theo Man 8W THE PRIDE OF GRIFFIN!!

Putting pressure right from the start, Theo pushed forward collecting a couple of pieces along the way. Miller drew his forces to the centre of the board to protect his king from the oncoming assault. To the layman, it looked like it was going to be a long drawn-out game. Then, out of nowhere, Theo moves his knight into a tricky position.. "Check and I thiiiiink mate" Theo declares. Everyone is confused; Miller makes a motion to take the knight with his bishop but he can't. Theo's queen has pinned the bishop to the spot as to move it would put the king in check from the queen (an illegal move). Miller attempts a second motion to move his king, but the escape square is attacked by the knight that has him in check. The pieces he's moved in to protect his king have smothered him... there is no escape!

Theo and Miller shake hands; everyone applauds. An excellent end to a fantastic tournament.  Chess will be back on the big screen at the end of the year for the Summer Tournament where Miller and Milian are planning to combine their resources to reclaim the title for year 9.  Can Theo make it a perfect break out year and get three on the bounce? Only time will tell.