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The academy strongly believes that a uniform contributes to the ethos of the academy and sets an appropriate tone.

The academy believes that a uniform:

  • instils pride
  • supports positive behaviour and discipline
  • encourages identity with, and support for, the academy ethos
  • ensures that students of all races and backgrounds feel welcome
  • protects students from social pressures to dress in particular ways
  • nurtures cohesion and promotes good relations between students
  • provides additional security in that intruders in the academy can be identified more easily

Above all the academy believes that an academy uniform supports objective teaching and learning. The governing body wish to ensure that the Academy Uniform and Appearance Policy is fair and reasonable and that the uniform is affordable and does not act as a barrier to parents when choosing a school. The academy also recognises its obligations under the Human Rights Act 1998 and discrimination legislation.

The chosen academy uniform is as follows and does, we believe, meet the criteria laid down in our opening statement of this policy.

All StudentsRoyal Blue Blazer with Academy Crest 
Academy Tie (A clip on Academy Tie must be worn)
Boys  Navy trousers 
Plain white shirt
Navy trousers or
Navy skirt with miniature academy crest.
Plain white blouse
Skirts must worn at an appropriate length, at or just above the knee and must not be rolled over at the waistband.
Optional Item
Academy Sweater with coloured neck trim of two Yellow bands.
Dark socks (black/navy) must be worn with trousers.
Dark socks or tights (black/navy) must be worn with skirts.
Socks worn with skirts must be worn below the knee. Trainer socks are not acceptable. Socks must be plain in style and must not have a bow, ribbon or other embellishment.
FootwearStudents should wear all black leather shoes with a maximum heel height of 3cm. Shoes must have no visible logos. Trainers or trainer-style shoes, canvas shoes, pumps and boots are all not acceptable.
Students wearing unacceptable shoes must wear a replacement pair of appropriate shoes supplied by the school on a daily basis as a temporary measure. Students who do not comply with this will be sanctioned.
Students wearing footwear related to a medical condition must have a note or letter from their GP or Consultant. If a medical note is not provided, students must wear shoes that are acceptable within this policy.

PE Kit

Years 7 & 8PE Kit
Compulsory Items Vortex Polo Short Sleeve in Navy Blue, Gunmetal and White (boys and girls fit)
Vortex Shorts in Navy Blue, Gunmetal and White (boys or girls)
Vortex Skort in Navy Blue, Gunmetal and White (girls)
Navy Blue socks or Plain White ankle socks
Optional Additional Items
Mid-Layer Half Zip Top in Navy Blue, Gunmetal and White (boys and girls fit)
Pro Navy Blue track pant (boys or girls)
Navy Blue sports leggings (girls)

Year 9, 10 & 11PE Kit
Compulsory Items
Vortex Polo Short Sleeve in Navy Blue, Gunmetal and White (boys and girls fit)
Navy Blue socks or Plain White ankle socks
Students may choose appropriate Shorts, Leggings, Track Pants and/or Mid Layer from the following
Mid-Layer Half Zip Top in Navy Blue, Gunmetal and White (boys and girls fit)
Pro Navy Blue track pant (boys or girls)
Navy Blue sports leggings (girls)
Vortex Shorts in Navy Blue, Gunmetal and White (boys or girls)
Vortex Skort in Navy, Gunmetal and White (girls)
for students in years 9, 10 & 11 who opt for vocational or GCSE PE
Navy Blue polo shirt with Hodgson badge
Navy Blue shorts
Navy Blue skort (girls)
Navy Blue zip top
Navy Blue leggings
Navy Blue socks
Students opting for vocational or GCSE PE are permitted to wear the above kit in all practical PE lessons.


Students may wear a small single ear stud in the lobe of each ear. Larger ear jewellery such as larger studs and earrings are not acceptable. Wearing more than one stud in each ear is not acceptable.

A suitable watch may also be worn.

No other jewellery including rings, bracelets and body piercing jewellery may be worn.

Ear studs must be removed for health and safety reasons during PE lessons.


Hair must be styled in an appropriate manner that is acceptable to the academy.

Examples of inappropriate hairstyles, which are not permitted, include:

  • Shaved lines or patterns
  • Shaven hair shorter than a number two, covering all or part of the head
  • Hair presented in a non-natural colour, or more than one colour
  • Hair styles incorporating hair of significantly different lengths
  • Excessive use of gels or other styling products

The final judgement as to what constitutes an inappropriate hairstyle will be taken by Miss Hetherington (Senior Assistant Headteacher) or, in her absence, the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher.

Students exhibiting inappropriate hairstyles will be sanctioned. This may include attending daily detentions and/or working in isolation until the problem is rectified.

The Academy has a right to expect that long hair can be safely tied back for work in academy laboratories, technology rooms, PE lessons or in any other areas where health and safety considerations must take priority.

Make Up The Academy believes that make-up is not appropriate or desirable for children in a school context and so the wearing of make-up is discouraged. However, a small amount of make-up worn subtly is permissible. This does not include the following, which are all not acceptable in any circumstances:

  • False tans
  • False eyelashes
  • Eyeshadow/eyeliner
  • Lipstick
  • Nail varnish or false/acrylic nails

The final judgement as to what constitutes the subtle wearing of make-up will be taken by Miss Hetherington, Senior Assistant Headteacher, or, in her absence, the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher.


Outdoor coats must be removed when students are inside school buildings. Hooded jumpers, tracksuits and sweatshirts are not permissible as outdoor coats.

The academy will consider carefully any request that is made to vary this policy to meet the specific needs of any individual student to, for example, accommodate their religion or belief or because of temporary or permanent medical conditions.

The academy does however wish to ensure that its uniform policy ensures

1) Health and Safety and in particular requirements with regards to jewellery and hairstyles.
2) Security and Safeguarding. One simple uniform worn by all students makes it easier for intruders to be identified.
3) Teaching and Learning is not adversely impacted. For example, if a student’s face is obscured in any way, it is much more difficult for a teacher to judge their engagement with learning and to secure participation in discussions and practical activities.
4) Students are protected from external pressures to wear clothing they would not otherwise choose to adopt, protecting them from harassment.
5) That a strong cohesive academy identity is in place that supports high standards and a sense of identity amongst students and that learning is promoted between any different representative groups in academy.

Non Compliance

Students will be sanctioned for non-compliance with this policy. This may include attending daily detentions and/or working in isolation until the student is fully compliant with the policy. Persistent and defiant breaches may result in exclusion.

Clothing and jewellery that are not permissible within this policy will be confiscated. Any confiscated items will be retained by the school office until they are collected by a Parent/Carer. They will not be returned to students, even if this is requested by a Parent/Carer.

Students may in certain circumstances be asked to go home briefly to remedy a breach of this policy. This will be treated as an authorised absence. However, if the student continues to breach the policy in such a way as to be sent home to avoid school, or takes longer than necessary to effect change, then the absence may be recorded as unauthorised. Parents will be notified in these circumstances.

The academy recognises there may be other underlying reasons as to why a student is not wearing correct uniform. If a uniform is lost, stolen or damaged or if a parent is having financial difficulties it is important that the academy is made aware of such circumstances so that due consideration can be given to what has happened. Such matters will of course be treated with due discretion.

It is possible to purchase the three branded items of our uniform plus our PE kit from the following outlets:

Hodgson Uniform Shop

Moorland Road

Poulton le Fylde



Poulton Sports and Trophy Centre Ltd

Chapel Street



Bispham Clothing

All Hallows Road


We also have a range of pre-loved pieces of branded uniform available to Hodgson parents.  Please contact our main office to make an appointment to come in and look at our stock.  


Uniform Policy