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World Book Week 2021

World Book Day 2021 at Hodgson Academy 

Find the Golden ticket! Click on it before it disappears, and you will be one of the lucky to be entered into a prize draw for your World Book Day token AND a free book! 

Explore the stories featured here  in our 'book a day' calendar. Each link transports you through to our VLE book world where you can read online or download the book, just like in your local library!

Click here for Hodgson Online Library 

Explore this page, and you may just find your Golden Ticket to a free book!

Join in on Twitter or Facebook for fun games and prizes throughout this week to celebrate a love of literature and the joy of reading. Your teachers and mentors will be posting photos of themselves with their current or favourite books in mystery masks and disguises...Can you guess who it is? Is it YOUR teacher?

Masked Reader

Hodgson Academy staff have masked themselves in mysterious ways, and taken a photo with a riveting read- Can you guess who they are? Tweet or Facebook comment us to be in with a chance of winning a free book and World Book Day tokens!

School Shelfie

Can you guess, using the clues in the photo, who these bookshelves belong to? Look carefully at the book titles to guess who the member of school staff is!

The places to join in with World Book Day this week are below:


Read the blurbs, or just the first page,

but be sure to read, no matter your age

Stories help us to navigate life

and comfort us in times of strife. 

Day 1; Book 1

Day 2; Book 2
Day 3 ; Book 3


Day 4 ; Book 4

Day 5 ; Book 5